Thursday, 6 February 2014


A question, prompted by recording an episode of a certain podcast last night, of which more later ;)

What's your favourite rule mechanism in wargaming? Which is the one that makes you go "ok, that's neat/elegant/brilliant"?

Me? I'm torn between the Dreadball throw & catch mechanic, and the Chain of Command pre game patrol system.


  1. SAGA battle boards. Simple, elegant, adds great flavour.

  2. I'm a big fan of Bolt Action's "Both players standing around waiting for the other guy to take his turn before realizing with embarrassment which game they're playing" mechanic aka the dice bag. It gives a great cinematic feel to things and builds tension fantastically.

  3. I really like Howard Whitehouse's AlienSuns/ Alien War. Squad support weapons are brutal, but Care-Under-Fire is reinforced in the mechanics.
    wounded and Out-of-Action troops are not removed and squadmates are encouraged to retrieve and tend to them. Skirmish rules, but casualties can wreck plans faster than ill die rolls! Random events shape the combat as well. A lot of fun and tweaking plans on the fly.

  4. Will McNally's combined fire effect/morale effect in his (free) AWI rules... do causalties and morale effect with one dice.... superb....

  5. A couple of things stand out for me. One is the use of 'Shock' in Dux Britanniarum. I just think it's a brilliant system to simulate how the grind of battle affects troops.

    The other is the allocation of command points in 'Dux Bellorum'. The system really makes you think about where to focus your points and the fact that players alternate allocation lends an almost poker-like air to proceedings as you try to out-bluff your opponent. Brilliant!

  6. Love the CoC patrol markers, but converting them to actual jump-off points feels a bit clunky. On the other hand the shock mechanic is a very neat way of modelling increasing unhappiness among the troops.

  7. I rather likes Stargrunts its the quality of the men that you are trying to hit rather than the quality of the shooter thats required to hit athe target.


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