Saturday, 15 February 2014

Do you ever have one of those moments....

...when you wish you'd picked a different colour scheme for figures?

No problem with the booster pack for the Valkyries in primary team colours - the AP (well, AP made for Maelstrom) purple spray is great, the only real issue is remembering to undercoat the areas that need to be yellow (which doesn't cover well) in white.

The secondary colours, on the other hand...

Undercoat - AP white. No problem.

Next step - wash. Unfortunately,using straight AP Soft Tone just produces a muddy pale brown, which would work perfectly for mediaevals or ancients, but not for the bright environment of Dreadball.

At the second attempt, I managed to fake out a wash using the AP purple, very dilute - works fine in the shadows, but leaves the rest a very faint pink. So out with the white again, and a fairly heavy dry brushing to restore the purity of the white while still preserving the shadow detail.

On to the trim, in yellow and purple....

Which is the point at which I discover that the AP purple is pathetically thin, and not the same shade as the spray after all, but considerably paler.


More later in the week, I think, as I need to do some colour matching work (and repaint at least one of the figures back to white....)


  1. Starting to find that Valleijo White Primer works nicely to get brighter colors or even get white to show up.

  2. There are some wonderful inks available at the art store, I can't recall the manufacturer at the moment. You get a very large pot for the price of a vallejo paint pot. They are great at adding brightness to watercolor paints and are usually darker than the mini paint. They do run a bit when spray varnishing but their purple is nicely dark and bright.

    1. Pebo, peboe...something like that is what I have, but they are close to 20yrs old and the labels have since peeled away they are largish bottles with eyedroppers like 40-50 ml size and work well with a brush

  3. Sometimes you just get it wrong when compared to the pic you had in your head.

    The real decision is either press on for a different look you still like, or swallow the pill and strip them back and start again.

  4. Do you ever have one of those moments...
    Just about every time I start some new figures...
    Excellent work.


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