Thursday, 13 February 2014

WIP - Dreadball players

Back to Dreadball - I now have two full booster sets plus a second main Void Sirens box, so I can field the Asgard Valkyries in their primary (purple with yellow and white trim) or alternative (white with, predictably enough, yellow and purple trim) strips. (We have too many teams down the club with dark blue/purple colours :D)

The purple ones? Still on the 2"x1" in the laundry
having just been sprayed.
Tonight being the first night this week I haven't had to be the parental taxi service (who'd be a parent?), I finally got the figures for the change strip assembled and undercoated in white, as well as the booster pack in purple. The Dreadball minis are, as plastic goes, not at all painful to put together compared to some. They're sprueless, and where there are parts to attach, they come with a little keyed peg and hole arrangement so they're quite hard to get wrong once you've figured out which bits go with which figure.

I doubt I'll get them painted tonight, but it's a start. :)

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