Saturday, 1 February 2014

Today's little project

A nice quick and easy job to add some colour and 'feel' to my Chain of Command battlefields.

These are MDF telegraph poles - according to the fret they're punched from, they're by Sarissa Precision, but they don't show up on their website. I picked these up from one of my two or three regular eBay suppliers, Arcane Scenery. All I've done with them is washed them in AP Dark Tone ink, used AP Skeleton Bone to pick out the porcelain insulators, textured the base with Tamiya Dark Earth textured paint, and added a scatter of the usual Javis Summer static grass.

They're rather nice, but they have a couple of minor drawbacks, one of which may bother you should you acquire any, one of which definitely will.

The not-so-fussed one is that three of the six have off-centre holes in the base: if you really care, you can re-drill fresh ones. More annoying is that they're too light - the merest brush will knock one over or send it skittering across the table. Again, an easy but more necessary fix - before basing, I superglued each one to a 2p piece.

While I was at it, I also based another 6 Gaugemaster apple trees on 2p pieces, and undercoated (using PSC War Sprays) a bunch of 15mms - 2 German MG platoons, 3 heavy mortar platoons, a scattering of Big Men on 1p and 2p pieces, and 2 British FOO teams on 2p pieces.

Not a bad day.


  1. They look good, I might try and find them.

  2. Yup, you do need to base them alright, I used some 25mm washers.

  3. I have some and noted the same two issues. I also went with a 2p piece.

    Still, they were a good price and useful flavour terrain for the era.

  4. I'm surprised they're stable enough even with the basing. I'd want a heavy weight in that bottom section to be on the safe side.

    1. They are quite stunningly light without the 2p - it counts for several times the weight of the pole without the coin.

    2. ....on a quick test, you need to tip them well past 45 degress before they don't fall back into place.

  5. Very nice - small additions like this add a great deal the character of the table I think.


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