Friday 31 December 2021

2021 End Of Year Review

To use a familiar phrase from this blog, "I Aten't Ded".

Hard to decide if 2021 was better than 2020 or just different. :D

Hobbywise, I guess the good news is that after a year of Monday Night Zoom calls, we actually opened the club again in mid-August, at a new and very nice venue - for those more local to Peterborough, we're now out at the George Alcock Centre out on the east side of town just off the parkway. Loads of parking space, nice airy main room. The only real downside is a lack of handy pubs and eateries, but this is made up for by having a bar on the premises (who will do food for special occasions) and an Aldi 200 yards away.

It's taken until pretty much this Christmas to get enough minions trained that I'm not spending a night or two a week editing something for church, so hopefully various bits of hobby stuff should start to pick up in the New Year, including You Know What, if I can find space in the 'editing stuff' brain compartment now it's not being used for church video.

On the subject of You Know What, I did manage to record a video version of the Miller's Tale episode 8 for virtual Hereward in September - if you missed it, the link is here. Sadly, the week I'd planned between Christmas and the New Year for at least making a start on the Compendium got eaten by the case of COVID my lovely wife brought home from work, and in the true spirit of the marriage vows, shared with me. Not recommended, I have to say.

Otherwise, I've run a couple of games for Virtual Lard, started a very loose IABSM Lite Battle of the Bulge campaign at club, bought more MDF and more WW2 vehicles...

So. Here's to 2022, and fingers crossed. Stay safe, and hopefully see you all online or in person sometime soon!

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