Tuesday, 11 February 2014

RIP Tony Barnes - GCN President

The first arrival at club last night (after me unlocking) was Tony Sampson, who sadly informed me that Tony Barnes, the President of the Gaming Club Network, had died suddenly in the early hours of Monday morning.

I can't say I knew him that well, but the few times I'd spoken with him, both at various shows and while sorting out our club's application to join GCN, he'd never being anything but funny, friendly and incredibly understanding and helpful, especially in steering us through the minefield of slightly out of date GCN guidelines as to club constitutions, and how to fit our rules and the GCN.

A better epitaph by far than the one I can give is below, from David Wise, secretary of the GCN:
Tony Barnes 1956-2014
It is with deep regret that I have to inform you of the passing away of our president, Tony Barnes, early this morning from a sudden illness. 
Tony Barnes was a gentle giant of the UK wargaming world.
His term as president of the GCN was testament to the incredible hard work and organisational skills that he brought to the job. 
His tact and diplomacy poured oil on many troubled waters over the years and I would ask that all the members of the GCN remember that over the coming months. 
As president he oversaw an incredible threefold rise in membership and with the support of the Council took the Network through what had been shaky start as an independent body into a confident and well respected organisation which this year is taking its first steps overseas into Europe. 
The wargaming world has lost a true leader.
He and I ran the Chesterfield Gaming Society, known for its presence at so many shows with participation games including Hammerhead, the show we organised together until last year.
Tony was also a family man with two daughters, one of whom recently married. He was also my best friend. Few people are probably aware that outside of wargaming, we and our wives shared an enthusiasm for dance and musical theatre, enjoying many trips out to see shows together.
Our condolences go to Christine his wife and family.
Thank you, Tony, for being a giant among wargamers and a gentleman to match. 
David Wise
GCN Secretary and Friend


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