Thursday 29 February 2024

The Miller's Tale - Episode 9

Episode 9: in which Mike once again attempts to remember how the heck the Heath Robinson-esque collection of RSS feed generator, local webspace and heaven knows what else all hooks together. And attempts to get caught up, and rambles about a 40-year old wargame...

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Tuesday 9 January 2024

Still chairman...


...after last night's AGM. Which, unlike last year, I actually managed to attend. 

Per a sidebar with Reuben, I note that this is the start of my second decade as chairman. I also note that my blog is much more reliable than my memory for this kind of thing :D

Sunday 7 January 2024

And here comes 2024...

I have plans. 

I'm definitely not stupid enough to expect these to survive contact with the enemy but, hey, we can hope, right?

So, on the todo list:

  • Finish the Dux Compendium :D (attempting to achieve headspace for that at present)
  • Paint a lot more BattleTech stuff (no, more than that, the Kickstarter's arriving Q2 and, erm, well, I may have indulged in considerable retail therapy....)
  • Run campaigns at the club
    • What a Cowboy (deferred from 2023 for obvious reasons) - Q1/2
    • BattleTech: Alpha Strike - details TBC - Q3/4
  • Run RPGs @ home. My long-running (since 2019) weekly sanity break Zoom-based 5E campaign finished in December, and I'm aiming to split my time going forward with two fortnightly ones:
    • a 5E campaign set in a different corner of my world
    • a BattleTech RPG campaign set on - well, that's a secret for now
  • Start on the Epic ACW plastic (and MDF) pile
  • Finish the 15mm Bulge forces and buildings, consider an IABSM Bulge narrative campaign later in the year
  • Get someone else to paint my 28mm British and French, and play some Sharp Practice 2
  • Play with the laser cutter
  • Blog and podcast as and when.
Yes, that's a fair bit, but, to misquote Robert Browning, "a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a hobby for?" (hands up who thought that was Kipling? - I did)

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