Friday 31 May 2019

Today I'm an admin 2...erm... too... oh, heck you know what I mean.

Posh Lard game roster sent out, as well as directions to avoid the cycle race someone decided to run across half of Cambridgeshire on Sunday.

Otherwise, I've been being house sysadmin and archivist, helping James build a new PC and scanning loads of precious paperwork from my long-lost D&D campaign (see a couple of days ago re B A C K U P S!!) with occasional pauses for nostalgia trips and evil cackling (hey, I was the DM, what can I say?)

Tomorrow I might actually get some peace and quiet (since everyone else is off to the Olympic Stadium to see Muse) to finish the Omaha Beach boards and pack for Sunday.

Thursday 30 May 2019

Today I'm an admin

Well, there's usually one day a week when my hobby activity consists of admin, bookkeeping, emails and the like for one or both of the club and the show. Today's that day, and you don't want to know :D

Reminder for folks attending Posh Lard - if I haven't had your game preferences, please get them to me!

Wednesday 29 May 2019

Omaha boards, masking tape, scanners and backups

Another evening with the static grass applicator, this time on the three trench boards, which required a little work with masking tape so as not to get the grass in the trenches.

Also did a quick drybrush on the test piece. I'm waiting on WWS shipping me the non-aerosol (pump action) version of the spray before I can shoot video: while the store room I'm handling scenery boards in is big enough for an aerosol not to be a hazard, my workbench is in my office, which is distinctly cosier, and I'd rather not asphyxiate

Salutary lesson of the week: I am currently scanning and OCRing about 100 pages of printout that I did at one point about 25 years ago have on disk on my last Apple Mac but... um... about six or seven.    Somewhere along the way they failed to get transferred across machines (I'm pretty sure they survived to around 2000 in a set of Claris Emailer folders, and possibly on my last mail server but three, but those HDs are long gone :(). Lessons learned, especially nowadays:
  • if you're attached to it, back it the heck up. Most stuff I care about is backed up both on Dropbox and on a Synology NAS at home, as well as local disk on my Macs. Stuff I'm really passionate about also has a copy on Google Drive.
  • There is EVEN LESS excuse for it than there was 25 years ago, with the advent of the cloud: one of my friends had a copy of most if not all the stuff I'm scanning, and like an idiot when she found it for me in 2007 I managed to accidentally delete it with no copy. And hers was on floppies...
  • On a happier note, LeadTools OCR is a very nice free app (for Mac among others) for converting scanned documents to Text. Surprisingly error free and comes with a nice set of cleanup tools: I'm averaging about 3 errors a page on about 8 point laser printed text, which plenty few enough I'm happy to correct them by hand afterwards.

Tuesday 28 May 2019

Tarting up the Omaha Beach boards.... again...

As I've commented several times in the past, I'm not happy with the grass on the Omaha boards - it's certainly better than it was, but...

Out with the WWS grass, spray and applicator:

It's really very simple - layers of 4mm spring, autumn and wild meadow on top of what's there already.

So that's five boards done.... 
And this lot left to do, some of which I'm going to have to break out the masking tape for. 
Nice side effect - the mixed grass that shakes off the boards is perfect for basing. And Pringles lids fit perfectly on Gü cheesecake pots...
While we're at it, lets break out the Bitter Chocolate... 
And my spare tester piece...
And paint it up ready for a video demo of the static grass.

Monday 27 May 2019

Beach boards part 14, and a bank holiday.

All dry/overbrushed and ready for more grass.
Today's a bank holiday. I had, given the chaos of the last couple of weeks, completely forgotten this until last Friday, when the Ukrainian QA lead at work wished us a good long weekend... At least she's on the ball!

I spent a fair amount of it sorting through paperwork for my old D&D campaign (man, THAT was a nostalgia trip!) but also got the cream dry/overbrush done on the remaining beach boards, so they're ready for a mammoth bout of re-grassing (yes, again) along with the rest of the Omaha boards this week, in time for Posh Lard. Fortunately the War Worlds Scenics layering spray makes this very easy. I hope to do a test board later in the week and video the process, now I can.

Sunday 26 May 2019

Posh Lard 2019 update

It's a week today - Sunday 2nd June 2019 in Peterborough. Details are here! (And I've been doing the pre-event housekeeping today :D)

Current game options are a couple of Big Chain of Command and the infamous Bloody Omaha - as yet we're ok for numbers for just those three, but if anyone else wants to come along, feel free to sign up and pay your £5!

Rich has it in his diary, so should be paying us a visit.

Saturday 25 May 2019

Adventures in video

Well, that was a learning experience. I finally got the camera batteries charged (and a new charger ordered that doesn't require a US to UK adaptor :D) after Wednesday's setup stuff and Thursday and Friday's general gefuffle in getting James out of hospital (our NHS are wonderful, trust me, but woefully understaffed and underfunded - don't get me started).

Nice setup - basically I have a pair of lapel mikes that go to wireless belt packs (they also do a single one for not much more than half the price), and the receiver unit will mount on the camera accessory shoe out of the way and plug into the microphone input on the camera. As I have a newer Canon (700D) DSLR it'll shoot full HD video and the view screen will flip and twist so I can see it while I'm filming.

Things to work on:
  • the view screen is sufficiently small I can't see it very well without my glasses, which means I can't tell if I'm correctly focused when sat down.  The autofocus can 'hunt' a bit, which currently is solved by a process that involves a bunch of faffing with manual with something placed in the chair at 'me' height to focus on. More experimentation required - I think I can force it to use a limited set of autofocus points so it will reliably pick up me rather than the bookcase behind me.
  • I could plug a small monitor into the camera's mini HDMI output so I can see what it's showing better, however...
  • this would make my tendency not to look into the camera even worse (which is not helped by having a lazy left eye that tends to drift inward :D)
  • That said, I don't look as bad in front of a camera as a talking head as I thought I might...
Still. Can't show you the resulting video as it's for someone else, but here's a screen grab of iMovie, just to prove I'm not making it up.

Next step is to sort out all of the above, and also figure out which multi-camera software I can use for gameplay videos.

Yes, I'm not done tidying yet :D
I do also now have a small camera clamp, which was bought for James while he was in hospital but wasn't terribly useful, which now allows me to do over-the-shoulder workbench shots without camera shake and my head getting in the way.

I do also have a shelf clamp for the DSLR, but it's quite hard to get it to stay in position and not sag, annoyingly. 

The below (very short!) test video was done using the iPhone audio, rather than the lapel mic - as it's pretty much just above my head, this isn't that bad (yes, the dialogue is banal, but it's just proof of concept). It does demonstrate that my cutting mat has seen better days, however...

Friday 24 May 2019

Time for a tidyup part 2

Ok. Now I actually have a workbench :D

Tomorrow, the shelves. And probably a good scrub on the bench.


Thursday 23 May 2019

Dux Compendium update

Derek delivered me a round of corrections to the Compendium rules clarification section today, so I've just finished editing them in, and sending a few back for further debate :D

Wednesday 22 May 2019

Setting up the studio

I was asked a couple of weeks ago if I would record a video piece for someone. More details of exactly what it was some other time but it did require me to get the main studio room set up for the purposes of recording video. Which is where you get to find out what my other two Amazon purchases were, namely, a tripod and a pair of wireless lapel mics.

You’d probably have got a little test piece with this post except that I’ve discovered that both my camera batteries are absolutely flat as a pancake. And they take forever to charge, so I guess that’s it for tonight.

Tuesday 21 May 2019

Some thoughts from Games Workshop

Yup, you heard me right. I have in the past been more than a little scathing about GW's approach to what they consider their hobby, but I had my attention drawn to something by them that I actually agree with wholeheartedly today, The full article (largely on the subject of their new Contrast paint range and 'Battle Ready' is here, but allow me to share a quote or two (emphasis mine):
Whether it’s [an award-winning] model or the first miniature that you’ve ever painted, you should be proud of your work. No hobbyist should ever feel like they’re not good enough to paint – instead, we want to celebrate the time, effort, care and attention that everybody puts into their models.
 Battle Ready isn’t a bar you have to pass to be allowed into our hobby. Rather, it’s an achievable and universally recognised standard that’s meant to say YES to your army, YES to accessibility and YES to more games with more painted models. Battle Ready is about making painting a celebration rather than a chore!
OK, so they're GW and they have to give a name to the process, but essentially they're talking about base colour, wash, detail. Works for me and my ham-fisted painting[1] :D And frankly, anything which encourages more people to get more painted figures on the table, is just brilliant in my book, whoever it's from.

[1] All 500+ 15mm figures on the Omaha Beach game at Salute were painted by your humble and somewhat average scribe. I don't think anyone commented either way :D

No, I haven't finished tidying the workbench. It's covered in bits of computer and hard drive shipping boxes :D

Monday 20 May 2019

I missed a category in #hobbystreak

Namely, "Sysadmin".

The server that hosts both the club and show sites decided to throw a sizeable tantrum this morning. I suspect it was sulking after Saturday's power-cut, and one of its HD's decided to throw lots and lots and lots of errors. 

Of course, the other half of its mirror drive set had packed up last week, and I'd not got round to ordering a spare (normally I carry one, but James needed one for his games machine...) until the weekend.

Fortunately, I take backups. These days, onto 12TB of RAID'ed Network Attached Storage. And this is why. 

Decided that enough was enough (that's the fourth drive fail on that server in about 4 years, and I think there's an issue with its SATA bus), so finally bit the bullet and restored everything across to the new server once the Amazon order of 4 drives arrived :D Which was its OWN pain, as the new server's running a new version of the OS, not everything 'just works'... I spent two hours upgrading the club forum, and another hour just now chasing why I could receive but not send mail. 

You should notice the club and show sites are a bit quicker, and you should now be able to access them again!

Sunday 19 May 2019

Partizan 2019

Busy day :D

Did lots of legwork for the show, and hopefully got some more excellent participation games and traders for your delectation and delight. Also had a couple of very useful conversations re Sekret Projekt S (which isn't that secret if you chatted with me at the show or can follow post labels on here! :D).


And then an hour dealing with the resulting social media and website fallout, trying to remember which club blog accounts trigger which social media accounts and in what order (arrrgh), why TweetDeck's "Embed Tweet" option is apparently broken, and generally Getting Caught Up.

Phew. :D

On a more sobering note, if you want to lend a hand to the Market Deeping Model Railway Club folks after yesterday's act of vandalism, I would encourage you to donate to their Just Giving fund.

Saturday 18 May 2019

Stamford Model Railway Show

Today's hobby activity was to have involved a trip to the Market Deeping club's model railway show, held in Stamford.

Unfortunately, I awoke to Reuben messaging me this tweet from the show sponsor, our local model railway shop:

It appears that four youths broke into the school hall that was being used for the show overnight (around 4am) and proceeded to do incalculable damage to both trade stands and the layouts that had been set up for the show the previous day. They triggered the alarm, but by the time the police arrived the damage had been done.

Words fail me.

Perhaps we're fortunate in our hobby that this is less likely to happen: most of the things we bring to shows as hobbyists are quicker to set up, and probably of less total value, than some of the magnificent pieces of work that some railway modellers produce. Too, in the cases where things are left overnight, we more often than not run shows at commercial venues with overnight security (even the Centre.MK used for Campaign) rather than schools, and perhaps we're luckier in that our tradition in the wargaming hobby has been not to pay exhibitors expenses, beyond free membership, which leaves us budget for even the smaller shows (which this was) to use more secure venues.

This doesn't stop it hurting. There's enough model railway stuff on the shelf right above where I'm sitting now that I recognise this is my hobby as well as wargaming.

I am heartbroken for the lost work - never mind the cost, some of the layouts that were callously trashed represented sizeable parts of a lifetime's painstaking work, were essentially irreplaceable.

I'm also, understandably, angry at the senselessness of it. There's been a lot of harsh words and violent suggestions on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere directed at the perpetrators, and I can understand those, as well as the frustration at the perceived likely futility of the legal process that will follow. (However, this post and its comments are not the place, please.)

I fervently hope that there will be some form of funding drive [EDIT: there is, here] to try and cover some of the damage done. When there is. I will link it here, and I will be giving what I can and encouraging others in our hobby to do so. These folks are our brethren, as I've said many times on here and in podcasts - we are hobbies divided only by our choice of subject material. This could have been one of our shows, or a club premises.

Friday 17 May 2019

Time for a tidy up

Well, part one of one anyway.

That's my paints offloaded onto a paint rack this morning (see yesterday) now the glue's all completely set, and a decent sized RUB freed up. I figured having got that far, I probably ought to sort out the rest of the mess :D

So that's half of it, anyway. I need to reorder the shelves with sprays and 'big' paint containers on it (relatively big, anyway - the big can of Sandtex Bitter Chocolate and other 'scenery board' emulsions can live elsewhere), clear away the rubbish on the left, and debate whether I want a bigger and less knackered-looking cutting mat and a shelf for the old Citadel paints.

Then there's the crap under the desk :D

Thursday 16 May 2019

And I have a paint rack...

Waiting for the glue to dry,
before I sort out a lot of
pots of paint into some as
yet unknown order!
 ...courtesy of the folks at Wargame Model Mods - not terribly expensive and pretty decently made. It can store up to 120 Army Painter/Vallejo style bottles, and is designed so the bottles are slightly angled so paint runs to the nozzle end.

Quite easy to assemble: two pieces for each of the sides, top, bottom and centre divide, which are all notched and fit together to make what's initially a somewhat rickety frame.  You then have 30 cross pieces - 20 with larger circular cutouts, 10 with smaller that hold the neck of the bottle - that feed through slots in the frame and then slide down (having slots cut) as well. It's a bit of a painstaking process, but the end result is surprisingly rigid. The only caveat, obviously, is making sure it's all the right way up so the bottles tip slightly down and away, bottoms facing you. That said? Love it.

Subtlety, thy number is 502.
I took Martin-from-Warbases' advice a few weeks ago and acquired the subtle (not) MDF glue. Works a treat on this - just worked with a brush into all the joint slots before letting each cross piece drop into place. It holds in about the time it takes to do the next row of cross pieces, but I'm leaving it overnight to go off properly.

And here it is loaded up.
I don't seem to need another JUST yet.
If you get one of these. I advise once you've built the frame to work with the frame upright (so gravity is helping the cross pieces to drop into place) and start with one of the middle cross pieces, then one halfway in each resulting gap. By the time you've done those three the frame will be rigid enough to stop you worrying :D

In a nutshell? Excellent VFM, holds my paints (so far, I don't THINK I have more than about 100 yet!). There are many out there from various manufacturers, but this one will do me just fine, thanks.

Wednesday 15 May 2019

Another this'n'that day....

...but the 'that' will please some folks.

Having a couple of large rooms for hobby space I'n trying to keep them tidy, so a chunk of lunch was spent packing up after Campaign and digging out the vacuum cleaner :D Oh, and admiring the Warbases tower.

However, this evening I have done some work and thinking on the Dux Britanniarum Compendium, so it's not all maintenance...

Tuesday 14 May 2019

Finally the watch tower gets a roof.

Insane day today, but I did get time to thatch and paint the watch tower roof - teddy bear fur, industrial grade wood glue and AP Desert Yellow.

Not perfect, but it'll do. A little bit of teasing and straightening to follow, and maybe a drybrush, but its a start.

Monday 13 May 2019

Hereward - Tabletop Sale

An admin day :D 

Hereward Wargames Show tabletop sale bookings are now open. See the linked article for details.

This would have been much quicker to set up if we hadn't changed the time slots slightly, which means muggins here had to update all the ticket graphics. 

Sunday 12 May 2019

Back from Campaign

Rather a quiet day, but (after a chat with showrunner Neil) we agreed that this may have had something to do with the last round of Premiership games keeping folks in front of their tellys.

Those folks who were there seemed to have a good time - particularly for a show like Campaign, where the games are open to the general public in the middle of the mall, though, I think for all our HYW game is big and pretty, it's a little too long and involved to expect non-gamers to sit through a full game. We did, however, get to plot and scheme about next year's big show game, which may, I think, make our Dambusters' Challenge look sane.

Spent some time (successfully) recruiting games for Hereward (clubs we know bring excellent stuff), and did a little shopping.

Picked up a box of 4 FoW barbed wire barricades and one of minefields and tank traps to enhance Bloody Omaha for Posh Lard (for a total of £20) from the Bring and Buy, and two Sarissa buildings to create a 28mm Chain Home Low radar station which can also sit on the promontory board.

All in all, not a bad day. And I managed to unload two of Mantic's Blaine figures that I have no use for (one of which he hadn't got!) to Rob from the club when we got back. 

Saturday 11 May 2019

Hobby bits and bobs

Apparently we ran out of some categories of wound markers at Campaign today, so I've scavenged up the last of my discs to produce a few more to take with me tomorrow.

Also doing some Operation: Sealion research prior to doing some shopping at Campaign :D

See folks there tomorrow, or at Partizan next week!

Friday 10 May 2019

Posh Lard Update

Doing some admin and getting my ducks in a row:

If you’re after a game at Posh Lard on Sunday 2nd June, these are your current choices:
  • Bloody Omaha – 15mm IABSM3 as seen at Salute. Room for 2-4 players
  • Ste Mère Église – 28mm Big CoC. Room for 2-4 players
  • Brécourt Manor – 28mm CoC. Room for 1-2 players
  • “You’d Have To Be A Lunatic” Menton 1940 – 20mm Big CoC. Room for 2-5 players
Sadly AndyH is busy, so we can’t squeeze in a Dux Brit game.

Rich Clarke from TFL will be attending: As yet he’s unsure if he’s bringing a game. We’ll probably run most of the games (except Bloody Omaha) twice (subject to confirmation), and if you want to duck into or out of the latter halfway, that’ll be fine too.

Plenty of room for more folks if anyone is interested: you can sign up for the princely sum of £5 at

(As an aside, if any is up for bringing another game. I think we might just about have enough Chain of Command! :D)

Thursday 9 May 2019

Preparing for Campaign.

Before and after the dry/overbrush.
The last bits of prep for taking 'Archers In France' to Campaign in Milton Keynes this weekend. We're there both days, although if for some strange reason you want to see me, I'm only there on the Sunday. And I'm on a deadline because Grahame is picking this lot up tomorrow!

So - today, after Andy had done some more stonework on the castle, I drybrushed the ink-washed stone heavily with cream acrylic. It's pretty much the same trick as the limestone cliffs but it certainly works.

The finished article.
Basically it's several massive chunks of XPS foam, stonework scribed in with a pencil, textured by rolling a ball of crinkled foil on it, painted grey, drybrushed white, ink washed brown, drybrushed cream.

After all. Why change a good thing if it works? :D

Last up I finished off the wound markers. 10mm MDF disks, green on one side, red on the other, white ink pen to draw a stick figure on each, then black Sharpie to mark the wounded area. Fun, simple. 

Wednesday 8 May 2019

Beach boards 13 - touchups and waves

A few things for the beach boards today - may as well tell it in pictures...
1) Dust off the loose grass from around the bay and promontory boards
2) Mask, and respray the water where it's scuffed
3) Waves/breaking water around the promontory. Any guesses how it's done?
4) Redo the other boards to match the sand colour of the cliff/dunes area.... 
...which means undercoat in Sandtex Bitter Chocolate, allow to dry and drybrush with cream acrylic.
Also going to be using the cream acrylic to drybrush the beach as well.

Tuesday 7 May 2019

Another of those mixed hobby days

  • Spraying some 10mm MDF discs as wound markers for the Campaign game (using Don Featherstone's Skirmish Wargaming scenario). Still need to do some scribbling on them with Sharpies, and may respray one side since I don't like the green.
  • Research: more than I expected. Due to being asked a couple of questions, I did a fairly deep dive into a suitable setup for recording in-game war-gaming videos (since I kind of wanted the answers myself as well). I've been peeking a bit at how OnTableTop/Beasts of War do it, and I may write my results up once I've had chance for a play with the kit I have.
  • Placed a Sarissa order for some English pillboxes. 

Monday 6 May 2019

I seem to have done everything today

At least, not far off it. I have:
  • Blogged  (look, right here!1
  • Painted (the bases on some figures for our game this weekend)
  • Researched (some more reading for secret project S)
  • Terrained (Yes that is a word as of now: tatted up the castle for this weekend’s game)
  • Did some hobby admin (delivered some flyers, and arranged the X-Wing tournament for the show)
  • Actually wargaming (see pictures below: we playtested  this weekend‘s game, and made a few adjustments largely based on the fact that none of us played in about three years.)
Photos of some of the above below (This is a bit terse, for which I apologise: posting on the iPad)

Sunday 5 May 2019

Doing some research

Which is of course, the other thing that gets tagged as #hobbystreak.

Did a bit of tidying today, which partly involved getting all my stray Home Guard supports and the like sorted into one Really Useful Box of pending stuff. Was, simultaneously, rather inspired by the tweets emerging from the folks gaming up in Ayton (N. Yorks) in a VBCW setting in... well., Ayton itself, actually. I mean, seriously: check THIS out....

And if you go following the tweets from Count B, Goat Major and others, you'll find they're gaming in Ayton Village Hall, on a battlefield that includes a model of Ayton Village Hall... with a wargames table in it :D

Which led to the inevitable rabbit hole of some of Sarissa's lovely VBCW/Sealion inspired buildings etc, and a reminder that I do actually have a project in the queue for a what-if Operation: Sealion in Chain of Command. So I went and dug out the source book and took a few notes while things were fresh in my mind.

Not quite how I planned to spend the day's hobby time, but hey....

Saturday 4 May 2019

Beach boards 12 & Hereward painting competition

A mix of terrain work and admin today.

Terrain-wise I got the big hill from yesterday grassed, and the remainder of the base for the Warbases watchtower. The beach boards themselves need dusting of all the stray grass and then touching up around the sand and water.

Admin wise... well, if you want to know more about then Hereward Painting competition, you can, as I have the details up on the show site.

Friday 3 May 2019

#Hobbystreak, and Posh Lard

Not doing bad - I'm at day 123 since the start of the year :D

They seem to divide into 5 categories...

  1. Writing (Dux Compendium, other projects, blogging generally)
  2. Terrain
  3. Painting
  4. Battle reports
  5. Hobby admin and bureaucracy 
Today's definitely been 5 - I've been updating the Hereward and Peterborough websites with various stuff. Which does allow me to announce:.... drumroll....
Posh Lard is GO for Sunday June 2nd (yes, I know this clashes with the last day of UK Games Expo...), 9am-6pm (although games will probably start around 10am). We may well decamp to the Brewery Tap for some of their excellent Thai food afterwards.
The games available will be under the theme “Invasion” and are likely to be:
  • Bloody Omaha (IABSM) – Peterborough (this is your chance if you missed it at Salute)
  • St. Mére Église (CoC) – Gravesend
  • Brecourt Manor (CoC) – Peterborough
plus possibly another CoC and a Dux Brit game subject to confirmation.
Anyone interested in bringing anything else, please drop us a note as well at (please be aware, though, that until we have a confirmed idea of numbers, there will be a limit on the number of games we can immediately accept).
Admission is £5 (since this isn’t a tournament and we don’t have to cover prizes!), and you can sign up here. There's an upper limit of around 20.
It's in Peterborough town centre, at our club - on site free parking, handy Wetherspoons/McD's/Subway/Waitrose for lunch. handy very nice Thai restaiurant/real ale pub about 5 mins walk away for post-game meal, two hotels within walking distance for those who've come a long way, 5 mins walk from the station and bus station, 10 mins from the A1.

Thursday 2 May 2019

Beach part 11 and some scenery repairs

We're bringing our 54mm Hundred Years War game to Campaign:MK - it's essentially a scenario from Don Featherstone's "Skirmish Wargaming" brought very slightly up to date with chit-based activation. It does, however, use several of the Bloody Omaha modular hils, my 'big hill' and a blue foam piece of castle, all of which need some TLC.

Andy trimming the base of the big hill,
and hopefully not his fingers,
The big hill is mostly suffering from having been knocked around a lot, and also now needs flocking to match everything else (as do the Omaha boards!). The former's been rebased on a piece of thick A0 art board, and I'll touch it up and re-grass it later.

I did get most of the way through re-grassing (again!) the three Omaha boards I need, with layers of WWS static grass. They do look a bit good, I think.

I am resigned to re-doing the lot - the WWS approach just looks so much better! I will produce a detailed how to on it later.
I did also get round (finally) to grassing the bay board from the beach set to match. Essentially its WWS Spring 2mm,. then Autumn and Wild Meadow 4mms, then a bit of scuffing up, more 2mm Spring and then 6mm Dead Grass. And lots of layering spray.
The castle Andy got to work on - mostly involved replacing one wall section that had been accidentally sprayed with spray paint and melted, and touching up the bits where the blue foam showed through. I'll be drybrushing and texturing it later. And for a final step, we re-sprayed one of the Timpo (I think PVC) tents to see if we could find a solution to the paint flaking off. More later.

Wednesday 1 May 2019

Some Hereward, Club, Posh Lard updates

Club/Show committee meeting tonight. There will be formal announcements on the various websites and social media feeds later in the week, but, in summary:

  • It's definitely not too late to reserve a trade stand or participation game slot at Hereward. Details are on the website but please note for traders that our early bird discount for stalls ends on May 31;
  • Hereward will have a painting competition, of which more later;
  • Posh Lard WILL be going ahead. Online signup and full details will go up this week. Hopefully Rich from the Lardies will put in an appearance. The games available will be under the theme "Invasion" and are likely to be:
    • Bloody Omaha (IABSM) - Peterborough club
    • St. Mere Eglise (CoC) - Gravesend
    • Brecourt Manor (CoC) - Peterborough 
    • Menton 1940  (Big CoC) - Richard Crawley (subject to confirmation)
    • Saxon Shore (Dux B) - Peterborough (s.t.c.) 
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