Wednesday 18 May 2011

Battle Report - 11 Apr 2011

I aten't dead...
...just rather busy at work and home, with a musical project that sees me off to Germany over the bank holiday weekend. The next installment of "A horse of a different colour..." should appear later this week, though.

However, I do have time to catch up with a battle report from back in April.

WAB Ancients again, a warm up for our Roman Civil War campaign against AndyH's Romans - 1500 pts a side. I tested out an experimental rule we're using for the campaign where a limited allied cavalry can have Parthian Shot.

Fat lot of good that did me. Foolishly got the barbarians in question stuck behind another unit of cavalry which routed.

In general, this was a knock 'em down, drag 'em out affair - at this remove I can't remember the precise details, other than to note that the 4 points/figure extra for veteran legionaries makes a hell of a difference. We continued long past army break point (at which I'm pretty sure Andy would have won), with my veterans getting clobbered on three sides by Andy's troops, and just refusing to die or run away - that's them in the middle - all 6 of them at that point! This did include the die roll on the left, which was actually necessary for their continued survival at one point.

All in all? fun game, and Andy is a gentleman.
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