Sunday, 2 February 2014

WIP and a small grumble

I love Battlefront dearly...

...OK. No I don't, but I love most of their miniature ranges...

...but when they supply a blister which clearly a) needs assembly and more importantly b) contains MORE parts than appear to match the description on the pack, it would be really really nice if it also contained at least an exploded diagram of what's what. Or even a HINT that there's assembly instructions on the website.

That aside? Productive day.

So far I've assembled and undercoated 4 15mm US .30 Browning teams, 3 60mm Mortar teams, and a spare bazooka team, as well as doing the base groundwork for yesterday's Germans and Brits.

I'm currently in the middle of assembling 2 57mm AT guns, which is the source of the above irritation as the blister pack doesn't actually mention that it includes both the infantry and airborne versions of the gun. Fortunately, the website, now I've found it, does. So I love Battlefront a little more again.


Although perhaps a little less given how fiddly both it and the 3" AT guns are. They're very nice sculpts, but the guns are a pig to keep held together until the glue takes.

[Later still...]

Done. All the AT guns (2 x 57mm, 2 x 3") undercoated, as well as three more Big Man bases. I undercoat my US in spray AP Matt Black, for historical reasons, and the fact that I tend to do a bit of a mix-and-match of M1941 and M1943 uniforms, some with HBT jackets or trousers. The 3" guns were separate from their bases, so I took the opportunity to undercoat those with the PSC US Armour War Spray (in other words, Olive Drab).

Quite the productive day.

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