Tuesday, 4 February 2014

PMC Games and Caliver team up

I missed this about a month ago, but as I was considering buildings for my Home Guard campaign, I was having a look around…

You will notice quite a few of PMC's resin buildings in club reports, not least because we bought a boatload a couple of years ago. They're very pretty, but were usually only available at shows, via direct mail order or via their eBay store, and did have something of a reputation for being very very slow.

Imagine my not inconsiderable delight when I discovered that the range is now being managed by that ubiquitous presence at nearly every war-games show, Caliver Books. Here's their press release:
Caliver Books is now the proud owner of the PMC GAMES range of high quality, painted Resin buildings ( 6mm; 15mm and 28mm -Biblical through to Gulf War ) and Steam Punk/ Very British Civil War vehicles & Boats
We are re-launching the buildings/scenery under the BATTLEFIELD BUILDINGS banner (see www.caliverbooks.com) and the rest under FORGOTTEN FRONT MINIATURES (www.miniaturefigurines.co.uk)
Once we are properly up and running we shall be selling all but the vehicles with painted or unpainted options - (The vehicles will always come un-assembled but undercoated). The price in the catalogue is for the PAINTED version. Postage will be added at the standard normal rate for now
At the moment[1] we are offering straight out of the molds buildings/scenery at 20% off the price as listed in the catalogue- - with payment by card only so we can deduct. 
We shall be taking a small display selection to shows, plus bundles of illustrated catalogue. Like Minifigs, these are mail order items produced in their own timescale by a specialist team separate from the normal mail order and as such they will not be available to grab off of the shelves when we are getting ready for a show, so no pre-orders I'm afraid though we are happy to take orders AT shows!
[1] Note this press release is at least a month old, so this may not still be true. (Mike)


  1. They look to be pre-painted - most of my stuff is 28mm, but I may be getting into to 15mm in a small way (no pun intended). Dean


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