Monday, 3 February 2014

Gun, foot. Nice one, GW.

Image via @kingpash on Twitter.
Remember the new White Dwarf announcement?

Ok. So here's how it works.

If you have a sub to the existing magazine, your sub is transferred to the new Warhammer Visions magazine.

Which means for your remaining subscription money, you get a monthly 200+ page picture book of figure porn (and I make no apologies for the choice of term this time out) with last month's news dotted here and there in minimal text in three languages.

If you actually want the news about Games Workshop products, you need the new White Dwarf. Which is only available in GW stores every Saturday, or as an eBook from the Black Library site, yours for circa €3, $4 or I guess about £2.50.

So to get the information that White Dwarf used to give you for your subscription, you need to spend another £100+ a year, and either have a tablet or a local GW store.

Just brilliant.

Thanks to several folk on Twitter and FB, including Erwin Blonk, for drawing my attention to this masterstroke. Oh, and they haven't yet updated the White Dwarf pages on the GW site.


  1. I think they may finally have caught a Blighty.

  2. It's really terrible what they've done. They've just turned their backs completely on what the customers wanted and thought about another way to make money

  3. Wait, White Dwarf had actual news and information? :-/

  4. Surely it was only bought for the pictures anyway? I suspect they know their market, who will be pestering their dads for the latest mega-killer and not be interested in news,

    1. Edwin, I think you're probably right. They had to opt for one or the other – asking people which option they wanted would take way too long, and it appears that there's no subscription option for newDwarf anyway – and anyone who was reading a monthly magazine probably wasn't doing it for the timely news anyway.

  5. Another superb management decision by the morons running GW. Given enough time they will ensure that this company is run all the way into the ground.

  6. I think shooting themselves in the foot is an understatement. I game with a number of level headed mature individuals (shocking I know) and every one of the is shaking his head over this. I know of two subs that are going the way of the dodo directly as a consequence. I suspect I'm not alone,


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