Wednesday 24 January 2018

Compendium update/accountability post 24th Jan

Busy day today, in between feeding tea to the builders and answering 'so, where do you want this?' questions.

The Compendium is now up to 60 pages and just shy of 20,000 words. I'm anticipating about another dozen or so pages, I think, but could be mistaken. Today's achievements:
  • Added another Rich Clarke article (player notes) to the Appendices. As a note, these aren't as easy as they might sound, as they're not just a cut and paste job: they need formatting to match the rest of the book, editing to remove references to them being a blog post or standalone article, and sometimes also removing or rewriting a chunk of the pre/postamble, and invariably re-punctuating (missing commas!) and proof-reading.
  • Added a chunk of stuff to the introduction.
  • Moved a couple of things into the Appendices where I think they sit better, including the master terrain table, which has now become the master province table and includes resources and fortification levels.
  • Started adding data to the new columns in the master province table.
  • Reformatted everything that broke as a side-effect of the above!
Major outstanding tasks left:
  • Finish the master province table
  • Two Raid scenarios to write up properly, so I can start playtesting them
  • More thinking about Battles
  • Import the useful names table from the Lard Island site
  • Finish off the Characters section
  • Finish the 'campaign flowchart' Appendix
  • Start deciding on quotes, 'fillos' and photos to fill up end-of-page spaces
and a few other odds and sods


  1. Very, very interested in that. As you know. We've just finished our 3rd campaign ( 51 raids , 6 battles) and with a clear winner for once. Won't be starting a new one until mid next year but it will be a Gallo- Roman one.


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