The Miller's Tale Podcast

As I seem to have got myself roped in as a regular co-presenter of the Meeples and Miniatures podcast, it is not very likely that you'll see more episodes of this anytime soon. 

The Miller's Tale is my wargaming podcast. This page will serve as a central repository for the links to episodes and general information about the podcast.

Introduction and FAQ

...can be found here.

  • Episode 2: In which Mike attempts to remember how this podcasting thing works!
  • Episode 1: In which Mike introduces himself, and discusses Kickstarters, magazines, and the concept of context (and related things) in wargaming. 
  • Directly from this page: click here.
  • Via iTunes: click here.

By email to, or anywhere on this blog :D

What people have said

Mostly nice things, I'm happy to say.
"You have a great face for radio!" [gee, thanks, Phil!]
"A welcome change to the current crop of podcasts..." 
"His sound quality is really nice and he offers some cool perspective on context in miniature gaming." 
"Really good to hear another historical wargaming podcast." 


  1. Hi, Mike,

    I'm a subscriber. On my way down to deepest Cornwall for work tomorrow, so I'll have a listen then.

    Good luck with this new venture


  2. Excellent! Downloading now. So glad to find another wargaming podcast :)

  3. I suscribed through iTunes and listen this Staurday morning while painting at home. Excellent first instalment, keep them coming Mike

  4. Enjoyed the first episode. Any plans for more?


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