Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Dux Brit updates

While you're all waiting for me to stop being busy, and a) finish the Compendium and b) start the Linnius Campaign again, please allow me to refer you to Leading Lead's "The Rhegn Campaign" which is just starting up and being chronicled on their blog.

As those of you who made it to Virtual Lard will be aware, I managed to run two games of Dux over Zoom, which went pretty well - Rich Clarke (despite being 7 years rusty with the rules) in particular had a great time in the morning game, and we had players as far afield as Australia and Colorado USA.

The Compendium is progressing - I think my playtest group has pretty much laid the gremlins to rest in the various scenarios (thank you very much, folks!), so as soon as I get the last few bits edited I'll be looking for proof-readers. Sadly... actually, no. For once I am not Over-Commitment Boy... There are a limited list of people at church with my skill set, and pretty much 2/3 of my free time goes on that at present.  Fortunately, I am learning to delegate and train, so hopefully that will ease. And I am taking a week off in July, of which part is to record a long overdue album, but voice and fingers won't let me do that all day everyday, so the rest of the time is going on Dux.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Weighing in on the current debate

Assuming you've being paying attention, you are probably aware of the somewhat acrimonious goings on involving TMP and TFL of late.

I've dipped my toe in enough to know on which side of the fence I come down, but this isn't about that. Yes, our hobby needs to be inclusive and free from bullying, and I personally want no part of a site which appears to actively promote, condone and practice the latter.


We both have to be better than that, and be seen to be better than that. Both because it hands people ammunition, and because, frankly, we should be better than that. By all means call out bad behaviour when it occurs, but we don't need to resort to personal attacks, directly or indirectly, on members of TMP staff for who they are, nor do we need to make bullying/threatening noises to manufacturers who advertise with them.
"He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Dux Brit Compendium playtest update

Lots of great feedback and testing happening - huge thank you to the playtest team. Still dying to see how one group are managing on Tabletop Simulator! (I did just find some figure assets originally designed for Saga that might be interesting to use....)

In between answering questions (including a couple of 'well, yes. It says so in the rules... actually, that's weird. It doesn't. But that's how everyone plays it, isn't it...' moments) I'm finishing off the last few sections, and should be up for proof-reading Real Soon.

Thursday, 16 April 2020

State of the Mike


Oh, wait, you want more. :D

Ok, so. Last week, for those who pay attention to the Western ecclesiastical calendar, was Holy Week, from Palm Sunday through to Easter Sunday, and I have been editing videos every day (literally every day) for church (and for a fair chunk of the weeks before, while we were debating whether we were still going to be allowed to stream from an otherwise empty church). This has actually been pretty useful, since it's amounted to a free basic training course in Apple's Final Cut Pro, which is always a handy thing to go on the CV.

I'm also now officially Mill House Studios Ltd (site update IS on the todo list) as I also have a new job from the end of April as a contract developer - for now, I'd prefer not to say who for, if that's ok. Either way, there's a certain amount of organisation involved in getting that up and running, and it does mean I have a handy vehicle for putting the money I make from other projects through.

And then my wife has gone and done her knee in. Again. Because, as usual, she's too stubborn to remember she's already done it in once, and there are other people in the house who can do stuff for her. *sigh* I love her dearly, really I do. :D

I've also been writing a few blogs (per various people's requests) on assorted topics in gaming and setting up Discord etc. And trying to keep the Dux Compendium moving amid all this - the difficulty is that while I was hoping the time off after the previous job would allow me to focus on it, the stuff I have left really requires what programmers call 'flow', the ability to shut off outside distractions, get your head down and do stuff without breaks. And that has been in short supply.

Normal service is being resumed, slowly, honest. I have dumped my todo list into OmniFocus, in the hope that I don't drop anything on the floor.

The hobby streak, sadly, is toast - you'd have kind of thought not, given the circumstances, and if I was really trying I could have probably found something hobby related I've done every day to maintain it, but there are some days that it would have been a real stretch ("I read gaming Twitter!").

So anywhere, that's where I am. Well, actually, here's where I am....

Stay safe, folks!

Playtesters needed

(Boy, sure wish we’d got this far before lockdown!)

Ok. Looking for play testers for the new Raid and Battle scenarios in the Dux Britanniarum Compendium.

If you are reasonably experienced with Dux, and have the time and patience to run through a few scenarios, solo or (in some suitably socially distanced way) with a friend, over the next week or two and send me feedback, please drop me a mail at mike@altrion.org and let me know. 

Edit: OK - that’s enough for now! 

Huge thanks to the folks who replied: playtest packs will be out today.

I will be looking for a few proofreaders and sanity checkers of the full document when it’s finally done - watch this space. 

Monday, 23 March 2020

Creating a Discord server

As various communities I'm in are looking at ways of doing Virtual Un-distancing, I've started a series of posts on my personal blog on various technologies you can use. First up, Discord.

Friday, 20 March 2020

Discord server up!

Ok, so, two job interviews (for the same job) and a lot more tidying and stuff later, where are we?

The "Miller's Tale" Discord server is UP!

If you want to join, the invite link is here - you can sign up in a web browser, or if you have the Discord app installed on your tablet, smart phone or computer, the link will take you to the server. There are a number of chat channels, as well as the potential to set up voice chat for online games. or even one to one or small group video chat. I'll be there as TroubleAtT'Mill.

Have fun - treat it as an adjunct to all your current social media, with maybe the advantage of being a little more real time and not subject to the vagaries of what the system thinks you should see on your timeline. Also, voice chat? :D

I dunno if anyone else has noticed, but Amazon's Prime service is creaking a little under the load of a lot of people wanting stuff delivered (remember they run an Amazon Pantry food service which is probably breaking at the seams like all the others). Sadly, this means a couple of bits of kit I need to be able to do a pukka job on the Dux Britanniarum online game aren't going to arrive till possibly Tuesday, so I'm going to regretfully defer that to Saturday 28th March (Chillcon day, were it sadly not cancelled).

And now. on with the Compendium, once I've checked my tame cartographer (James) has done the maps I asked for.

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