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Here are some links to series of posts that you may find useful:

Mostly finished:

  • Heraldry 101: an introduction to the rules and terminology of coats of arms.
  • Probability for Wargamers: pretty much what it says :D basic stats and how to calculate odds of various combinations of dice
  • A Horse of a Different Colour: why horses are the colour they are. I have an unhealthy obsession with equine coat colour genetics! Sadly there's no summary post for this one (yet) and you'll have to read from the bottom up :D
  • To Britain's Shores: the in character write-ups of the Linnius Campaign
  • Colour Concepts: what colour things really are and why? I should write a few more of these.

Unfinished series:

The tags for these need a little tidying, as the search links find a few posts that aren't part of the series.

  • Blogging: How to set up and manage a blog on Blogger
  • Photography: the basics of how cameras and light work - how to 'write with light', as the word means

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