Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My Dreadball pitch has arrived

Courtesy of FF Fields, my new Dreadball pitch has arrived. Check THIS out.

FF Fields do varied pitches for all the obvious scifi/fantasy sports games. Their basic approach is that for standard designs, you can have a core design (mine is 'Arctic') and pick one or two highlight colours (in my case the Asgard Valkyries' purple and yellow).

You can also choose between roll-up and hard pitches. I assume the roll-up ones are on some kind of high quality mousemat-like material, like the Dreadball Ultimate pitch. I went for the 'hard' which comes as half a dozen very very precisely cut jigsaw pieces in about 0.5mm thick… well, I'm not sure what it is, but it's rigid, doesn't appear to flex where it shouldn't and joins pretty much perfectly.

FF Files also send you a proof image before they mail out your pitch, which is great. Quality control is superb, and the whole thing looks fantastic. Delivery from Italy to the UK is reckoned on about 7-10 days, and this pitch cost me £41 or about £35 including P&P from Italy.

In the interests of full disclosure, I should note:

Delivery was a bit delayed by what I suspect was a breakdown in either cross-language communication in my approval of the screen shot (FF Fields are Italian), email issues or just plain bad luck - however, I'm impressed by their response to realising I'd been waiting rather a long time, which was to ship it TNT Express next day, no questions asked. Full marks for dealing with customer problems.


  1. That is VERY nice indeed. The FF guys do some great stuff.
    My lad and I play both BreadBall and Blood Bowl together - both are fun and play very differently

    Looking forward to seeing some pictures of this in action!

  2. BreadBall? Haha! Must be breakfast time!


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