Saturday, 22 February 2014

Review - Dreadball Azure Forest expansion

I got back from worship band rehearsal last night to find the wargames fairy had paid a visit (yes folks, he even delivers) and left me a copy of the new Dreadball supplement - not Xtreme, but the Azure Forest expansion - the first in the Galactic Tour series.

It's one of Mantic's standard figure 'DVD-style' cases, containing a couple of figures (a trophy and an MVP - both metal, and nice sculpts), some extra cards, and a small rule booklet that fits neatly into the case.

But hey. This is Dreadball. I don't do Dreadball. Over to Jason and the big guy:
"What you got there, Vish?"
"Is handy-dandy pocket tourist guide for Azure IX. Print a bit small and grey for Vish's eyesight: Vish wondering why they not go digital yet."
"One too many blows to the head knock your vision out of whack, big guy?"
"Vish still seeing just fine. And you talk while Vish interrupting. Where was...."
"Azure IX?"
"Vish wishes. New Azure Forest League look right up his street. Open-air pitch, weather, extra chance players fall over and get hurt. More blood always good."
"You have a one-track mind."
"Two - also cheerleaders. Azure Forest League cheerleaders closer to pitch and crowd , more chances to affect game. Mmmm. Cheerleaders... Vish wish he was still cleared to play. Maybe Azure Forest shamans cook something up for him...."
"Huh? Shamans?"
"Make potions. Give to losers, even things up to fair fight in League. Vish not so sure about fair fight, but potion to make him irresistible to ch..."
"Vish? Hello? Family show. Still. Just. Let's keep it that way."
"Hrmph. Vish been doing this three years and still not get how it okay with you humans to describe Trontek player's head go squish like ripe Earth melon, but not allowed to speculate on what Julie Summers not got on under uniform..."
"This is Jason Barker handing you back to the studio right now...."

So - several pages of in-character fluff, more event cards, weather, potions ("Blessings Of The Jungle"), rules to make your cheerleaders more useful, a new MVP.

On top of that, there's a definitive/official set of tournament rules, plus photocopiable forms, and the stats for the three backer-submitted MVPs from the original Kickstarter. All in a 32 page book.

All told? Looks like fun. Definitely keen to give it a try, and I'd also be keen to see more in the series - hey, Mantic, if you want me to write one for Asgard... :D

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