Sunday, 12 January 2014

The best laid plans...

..go oft astray.

Twofold, this weekend.

This year's todo list is already wobbling a bit :D One of the items discussed at the club AGM last week was the number of anniversaries coming up this year and next, and we're planning on doing a set of D-Day all-day games in June as a result. I did a bit of reading on some of the IABSM scenario books I've got, and I now have designs on running 'Bloody Omaha' from the 'Where The Hell Have You Been, Boys?' book. Which resulted in me snagging a Battlefront 29th Infantry Assault Company box set from eBay (for, I should note, about half RRP, which I was well pleased about).
As an aside: Uncle Mike's Rules Of eBay Bidding:
  • Bid once. 
  • Bid as late as you can.  
  • Bit the most you're prepared to pay. (DON'T play 'how much do I need to bid to beat the current leader' games - it's a recipe for losing auctions you could have won)
  • Walk away until the auction's finished. 
End result: you'll only ever get beaten by someone who's prepared to pay more than you. If you can't be around late for an auction, I recommend (and if you say eBay user fleetfootmike sent you, I get three free snipes (as do you)!).
Of course, now I need a couple of boat section blisters as well, and half a dozen LCVP's. Just missed out on the latter tonight [addendum: just grabbed one box for under £30], but I'm sure there'll be more on eBay at decent prices.

So - today's plan was to make a start on two beach boards, not just for Bloody Omaha, as I also need them for both Dux Brit and Chain of Command. Sadly, THAT plan got clobbered by a rather nasty migraine which caused me to spend all afternoon in bed.

Ah well.


  1. Nice wins Mike, but sorry to hear about the migraine (I'm a fellow sufferer)

  2. I don't know whether e-Bay offers it, but TradeMe does: the 'buy now' option. I always look out for those, and if the option is in my 'prepared to pay' range, in my 'buy now' bid goes. Saves faffing around, and I'm prepared to pay a little extra to secure the purchase.


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