Saturday, 18 January 2014

WIP - beach tiles 2

Progress is being made :D

The water is multiple layers of gloss varnish - this is the still-wet layer 3: annoyingly the first two have soaked in and dried matt, so I'm hoping that the solution is simply enough layers :D

The sand is some DIY shed's 'stone texture' spray paint, oversprayed with AP Desert Yellow once dry.

Next step is a shingle layer (Javis grit + PVA) and some patchy grass on the dunes tending towards normal grass at the edge of the board.


  1. Looks great Mike! Really like the water effect!

    1. Thanks. Fingers crossed that eventually it actually dries gloss :D

  2. Beautiful terrain tile. Water looks very realistic.

  3. Hopefully that third layer of varnish will do the job. If it stays as it is it will be perfect.


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