Thursday, 2 January 2014

Work In Progress

Mostly just to prove that I have made a start on stuff, you understand :D

I've been rearranging stuff so I can have a semi-portable paint station: this is one of the Warlord 'laptop' paint stations with a set of paint holders for the Army Painter/Vallejo size pots. The palette is an old white floor tile (courtesy of Dewi from our club) and the water pot is a Gü chocolate cheesecake pot which rather satisfyingly fits the hole to the millimetre. The painting lamp is from Hobbycraft - it's not actually that dark in the room, but it is a daylight bulb.

On the Really Useful Box lid are my 15mm British company for IABSM, two stands to a section plus 3 PIATs, 3 2" mortars, a dozen or so Big Men and a couple of snipers. In the other RUB are my 15mm Germans, which have a couple of sections plus a lot of anti-tank units left to paint. Just about visible in the back are two 2'x1's containing - wait for it.... blue-undercoated Napoleon at War French Line Infantry. Don't all die of shock at once!

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