Tuesday, 7 January 2014

15mm German PaK 40's

I did manage to get some painting done today. These two have been undercoated since about August, but I finally managed to get them painted this evening - they're from the Flames of War 'Open Fire' box.   My one dislike is that a couple of crew sculpts really show up the limitations of plastic compared to metal.

Undercoat is AP Desert Yellow for the gun and PSC Field Grey for the crew. Helmets etc are AP Unform Grey, Y-straps and boots black, any other canvas Vallejo Green Grey. The camo on the gun is AP Oak Brown and Vallejo US Dark Green, applied with the edge of an AP small stippling brush. Not 100% happy with it, but it'll do. I have some StugIII's undercoated to try that on again.

Annoyingly, the wheels on the left hand gun have dried slightly wonky.
I may have to break and reglue.

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