Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Administrivia - podcasting, Stronghold Minis

For those of you not paying attention, the latest episode of the Meeples and Miniatures podcast is out, in which Neil, Hobbsy and myself (with audible cold) pick our favourite games of 2013. This is the episode we had something like four goes at recording before finally switching to Google Hangout. Kudos to the boss (Neil) for what must have been a heroic editing effort, since we didn't figure out until after we recorded it how the mute button and the recording software interact! (Not well, for those wondering).

And now, a plea. In an earlier post when I was just cobbling together my Home Guard, I put out a plea for anyone with more details of where I might get various bits of the Stronghold Miniatures range, specifically the Smith Gun, Northover Projector and Blacker Bombard. 'Leadboy' replied with a very helpful comment:
"If you haven't found the Stronghold stuff already, a kind chap over on the VBCW Forum has made contact with the owner and will have some for sale to members of the Forum very shortly. You can join and put your name down - I've been looking for the same stuff for ages ! Good luck"
Unfortunately, I can't find the link, and I don't have contact email for 'Leadboy'. If you're out there, or anyone else saw the VBCW posting, please help!


  1. Here you go -

  2. Mike - that's a good find. I'm about to order the 3 guns too and thought I'd supplement with a few figures while I was at it. They are shown as 25mm, have you seen any in the flesh I wonder - they would need to mix with the usual suspects from Black Tree, West Wind and the like. Any idea how they would fit in size-wise?

  3. That's a good find - I will order those. Any idea if Stronghold figures, listed as 25mm, fit in scale-wise with the likes of Black Tree and West Wind for example?

  4. No idea, sorry. I'm using the Foundry HG, which are a *shade* small compared to Warlord's and Great War Minis, but don't seem that bad compared to Gary's Black Tree (I think) early way Germans.


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