Saturday, 25 January 2014

New Warlord Dad's Army range - Corporal Jones compared.

Warlord have announced the first sculpts in their 28mm Dad's Army range - Corporal Jones.

So, here we have side by side:

Warlord's figure, painted
by Darren Linington for
The Wargames Foundry figure,
 painted by Steve Dyer on

Obviously I can't compare sizes until I get my hands on both, but I suspect the Warlord one will be a smidge larger.

I have to say, though? The Foundry pose is much more dynamic, and the face on the Warlord one looks a bit 'pinched'. The Warlord one, though, does include a sculpt of good old Jonesy in his butchers' apron as well.


  1. I have to say that it might be a case of personal taste but I do like both of them. All I know is Warlord will have my money and I will be using them for VBCW

  2. I love both of them too, beautiful!

  3. From these angles I prefer the Foundry one! Having said that I will probably get the Warlord ones!!!

  4. The memories of watching the series.... I was so young I can only vaguely remember it.


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