Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Strange tablet...

My laptop battery and charger have died. Which means I'm down to the iPad, until the Amazon order arrives tomorrow with replacements, ParcelForce willing.

So I've been working on this weird tablet thing that has some kind of stylus that leaves marks... ;)

Been looking at adjusting the balance of the Home Guard list on CoC, with some success -forum message sent to Pat, with details, so we'll see how we go from here.

Also, annoyingly, I have some proofing from Rich Clarke. Can't do that till tomorrow either. ;(

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  1. Strange device... and how do you say is it called?

  2. I note the input to text conversion is rather poor as well, does it have predictive text or OCR built-in?

  3. Really thin. Must have crappy battery life.

  4. Really, I know Apple love their skeuomorphism, but this is beyond a joke. That massive icon that gets you to the menu for changing pages dominates the screen; what would have been wrong with swipe buttons?


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