Thursday, 23 January 2014

Kickstarter Watch - Torn Armor

One of the Kickstarter's Neil covered on Meeples a while back was Torn Armor, a rather interesting looking fantasy setting/game that I rather liked the look of, but in the end decided not to back.

It appears all is not well in Torn World.

Neil has a comprehensive update on the subject, and it's not pretty. In short, Alyssa of Torn Armor had issues with her original supplier of figures (in China) so switched to US provider Defiance Games. Which is where things seem to have gone a bit pear-shaped.

Defiance Games, as I understand it, have a bit of a reputation - not least because they're formed from the ashes of the original Wargames Factory, and seem to have been having some issues of their own with cashflow (where have I heard that before?), satisfying Kickstarter backers (mmmmhm...) and changes of management.

It all appears to be turning into a bit of a war of he said/she said.

Goes to prove, sadly, that not all Kickstarters finish up smelling of roses.


  1. A sad reminder that Kickstarter is not always a safe place for your money.

    Given the potential benefits of a successful KS, it is important to match your involvement with the potential losses.

    So the usual Caveat Emptor applies.

  2. On the face of it, seems a grubby story all round. A sharp warming against the kickstarter fad.

  3. On the subject of Kickstarter - and your previous reference to Winter War -


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