Sunday, 5 January 2014

15mm late war British infantry company

My continuing estimate that these were 2/3 done was a way off - 1/3 done would have been closer, especially after I decided to pick out entrenching tools properly on all the figures that had one.

This is most of a Battlefront company box set - 3 platoons of 3 sections of 8 figures (four to a base) plus 3 two-man PIAT teams, 3 two-man 2" mortar teams, two snipers, 1 level I big man, 5 level II big men and 3 level III big men. (For those of you who don't remember, I base my big men on round bases, with the number of figures indicating level. "Bleneville or Bust" needs some level IV big men, and those I may well do on 40mm rounds, as I don't think I can cram them on a 25mm/2p piece.)

Total 106 figures.

Usual approach: PSC "British Khaki" War Spray undercoat, Vallejo Khaki webbing, AP Oak Brown rifles, AP Black boots, 50/50 mix of AP Black and Plate Mail (I should get some of their darker metal paint) for all metalwork, entrenching tool handles in AP Desert Yellow. Overall wash in AP Strong Tone, basing is Javis Summer static grass over Javis Dark Earth scatter (I can't track down any of the Tamiya textured paint).

I'll try and get some better shots (these are off the iPhone) when I can find my DSLR's charger :D


  1. Looks a nice force you have there, Not painted any tommies other than in 28mm



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