Saturday, 4 January 2014

How many wargamers does it take to record a podcast...?


*shuffles feet*

Just four, but so far several evenings. We (that's me, Neil Shuck, Mike Hobbs and Rich Jones) have been having terrible trouble trying to get the end-of-year Meeples and Miniatures review recorded. We think it's some combination of Neil's machine and Skype, but essentially not being able to keep a call up for more than 5 minutes makes it pretty much impossible.

So, tonight, we bit the bullet (after a lot of crying and swearing) and had a serious go at exploring alternative technologies, specifically Google+ Hangouts.

Definitely should have tried this earlier. Call quality is audibly better (even to my tin ears), in 90+ minutes of test chatter we had one slight 'Dalek moment' and no call drops, and recording the call is no harder than Skype (one $17 piece of Windows software, or Wiretap Pro for the Mac for which I already had a license kicking around from a Mac Heist bundle).

Of course, by the time we'd got it all working it was 10:20, and given quite how knackered I am after keeping my son and 6 friends under control for more of the last 24 hours than I care to count? I'm off to bed. But we should finally manage to get that podcast sorted soon :D

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