Wednesday, 15 January 2014

WIP - terrain tiles

Two beach boards (of four I need to build).

Pretty simple construction: 600mm square 3mm MDF, with a 50mm 'shoreline' built up from 25mm craft foam. The edges are all the same - 145mm to a hard vertical edge on the bank, and then a sloping edge piece made of foam board, 205mm long sloping down from 10mm to 0.
The 'sand' area is currently lightweight Polyfilla, to give the beach a slight rise towards the foam 'shore'. The water is Army Painter Angel Green, with a light overspray of Army Painter Crystal Blue along the edge furthest from shore.

Once the Polyfilla's dried, I'll explain what happens next :D


  1. It's looking good! Excellent 3D effect of the water. Until I read the water is sprayed-on I thought it was multiple layers of resin.

  2. Agree with AJ, looking pretty good so far

  3. My brain hurts - picture does not compute - sea is blue, blue is higher, sea cannot be higher!

    Then I looked again - sea is blue green, coast is bare foam so blue.

    Now I see the sea! I am happy!

    Looks good - this for June?

    1. Yes, but hoping to get these two done for Monday.


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