Friday, 17 January 2014

More from the Royal Mail

An update, via my (singularly efficient) MP on Royal Mail's policy for mailing water based paints.

In short, they're reviewing it "in February". Wow.


  1. Yeah, got a similar response from my MP, Kate Green. Although it's natural to feel despondent at this time of year (the two months it seems God couldn't be bothered with) I do get the impression that Royal Mail really couldn't give a toss, which is a shame because over the years, despite occasional glitches (parcels left in the rain, in the bin - without a note and apparently hammered through the letter box with a lump hammer), we've had some truly superb Posties.

    By contrast, my wife does a lot of card making and virtually all her stuff arrives by courier. In all the time she's been involved, she's only had one damaged parcel (absolutely sodden) and even then the courier gave her a claim form at the same time and helped her fill it in. Maybe exceptional, but that extra step takes very little effort.

    So, let's see how it goes now Royal Mail has moved from a situation where we all owned a little bit of it to now having to provide profits to a (relative) handful of shareholders.

  2. Mike - would seriously consider doctoring those photos to take your address out...

  3. Hmmm, maybe Mr Jackson is slightly more useful when he's not busy getting his swimming pool cleaned. Or maybe not.


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