Sunday, 8 December 2019

Northstar cultists

Needed to throw a few evil cultists together for last night's D&D session, so I grabbed a box of Northstar's Frostgrave cultists (handy Amazon next day, turning up about an hour before my players did!): here's a very quick review.

They're pretty much like their Barbarians and Soldiers, both of which (along with some Fireforge Sergeants and a few GB Dark Ages heads) I cannibalised together for my Night's Watch army (which I probably still owe folks some pictures of!)

Easy to put together - the plastic reacts well with Humbrol's 'yellow' Precision Poly Cement, which makes ensuring things stay stuck much less painful. Essentially there are four identical sprues with five torsos, a gazillion heads with variations on hooded, skeletal and otherwise, and enough arms for both all-skelly and all-normal sets of figures. There's also two sprues with 10 x 25mm round bases on each. Nice clean sculpts, nothing too fragile on the sprue, although I didn't use any of the skeleton arms. Of course, being Frostgrave, you can hack away happily and swap heads and limbs with soldiers, barbarians etc, as well as GB figures which use the same head joint style (and I think Fireforge do too).

Fortunately (as I was in a hurry), all I had to do from there for my purposes was spray the end results black, pick out blades in Warlord's Dark Gunmetal (I love love love this colour for metalwork), woodwork in AP Werewolf Fur, and drybrush a hint of skull masks/faces and the crossbow string in AP Skeleton Bone. Now I have a little more time, I may dry brush some deep blue highlights on their clothing, and maybe do something with the bases.

Simples! One set of death cultists done. The Frostgrave minis are a fabulous resource for D&D minis!

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