Friday, 20 December 2019

Another somewhat fragmented day...

...improved greatly by discovering I have a new boss at work (ok, discovering I don't have my old boss. The jury's out on the new one, as we haven't spoken yet).

That aside:

  • sorted through some more bookshelves, added some more D&D books to the for sale post from a couple of days ago;
  • worked out a better process for applying my decals to shields (leaving them on sprue and actually using AP sprays and gloss varnish, which I should have done sooner, having mentioned it in a previous post);
  • painted 4 more Shieldwolf minis (it's very therapeutic, and I reckon it takes about 30 mins with a mix of Contrast and AP paints once they're primed), one of which for fun has a pair of Fireforge Templar arms as well as the shield;
  • looked at domain names for another project;
  • did some prep for Monday's Dux Compendium playtest. 
Still a Star Wars spoiler free zone (till Monday afternoon)

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