Thursday, 16 May 2019

And I have a paint rack...

Waiting for the glue to dry,
before I sort out a lot of
pots of paint into some as
yet unknown order!
 ...courtesy of the folks at Wargame Model Mods - not terribly expensive and pretty decently made. It can store up to 120 Army Painter/Vallejo style bottles, and is designed so the bottles are slightly angled so paint runs to the nozzle end.

Quite easy to assemble: two pieces for each of the sides, top, bottom and centre divide, which are all notched and fit together to make what's initially a somewhat rickety frame.  You then have 30 cross pieces - 20 with larger circular cutouts, 10 with smaller that hold the neck of the bottle - that feed through slots in the frame and then slide down (having slots cut) as well. It's a bit of a painstaking process, but the end result is surprisingly rigid. The only caveat, obviously, is making sure it's all the right way up so the bottles tip slightly down and away, bottoms facing you. That said? Love it.

Subtlety, thy number is 502.
I took Martin-from-Warbases' advice a few weeks ago and acquired the subtle (not) MDF glue. Works a treat on this - just worked with a brush into all the joint slots before letting each cross piece drop into place. It holds in about the time it takes to do the next row of cross pieces, but I'm leaving it overnight to go off properly.

And here it is loaded up.
I don't seem to need another JUST yet.
If you get one of these. I advise once you've built the frame to work with the frame upright (so gravity is helping the cross pieces to drop into place) and start with one of the middle cross pieces, then one halfway in each resulting gap. By the time you've done those three the frame will be rigid enough to stop you worrying :D

In a nutshell? Excellent VFM, holds my paints (so far, I don't THINK I have more than about 100 yet!). There are many out there from various manufacturers, but this one will do me just fine, thanks.


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