Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Some thoughts from Games Workshop

Yup, you heard me right. I have in the past been more than a little scathing about GW's approach to what they consider their hobby, but I had my attention drawn to something by them that I actually agree with wholeheartedly today, The full article (largely on the subject of their new Contrast paint range and 'Battle Ready' is here, but allow me to share a quote or two (emphasis mine):
Whether it’s [an award-winning] model or the first miniature that you’ve ever painted, you should be proud of your work. No hobbyist should ever feel like they’re not good enough to paint – instead, we want to celebrate the time, effort, care and attention that everybody puts into their models.
 Battle Ready isn’t a bar you have to pass to be allowed into our hobby. Rather, it’s an achievable and universally recognised standard that’s meant to say YES to your army, YES to accessibility and YES to more games with more painted models. Battle Ready is about making painting a celebration rather than a chore!
OK, so they're GW and they have to give a name to the process, but essentially they're talking about base colour, wash, detail. Works for me and my ham-fisted painting[1] :D And frankly, anything which encourages more people to get more painted figures on the table, is just brilliant in my book, whoever it's from.

[1] All 500+ 15mm figures on the Omaha Beach game at Salute were painted by your humble and somewhat average scribe. I don't think anyone commented either way :D

No, I haven't finished tidying the workbench. It's covered in bits of computer and hard drive shipping boxes :D

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