Wednesday, 8 June 2016

WIP - Peninsular hills

...never to be seen again in that colour.
I figured before I go to town on 6 2' square Realm of Battle tiles, I should try a test piece, so I dunked my Citadel 'large hill' (veteran of a number of Dux Brit battles) into a sink full of hot water to strip the current (green) static grass off it. Evidently whatever PVA I used (probably Woodland Scenics) isn't that tough, as it came off in about 10 mins mostly of its own accord.

Duly stripped...
Stage one tonight - a coat of (smooth) Santex Bitter Chocolate, and allow to dry thoroughly.

I wonder how much manning I'll get,
given these are drying in the laundry,
not outside in my workshop :D
Stage two tomorrow will be a dry brush or two with lighter shades of dusty brown, and then the just-arrived box of various War Worlds static grasses will be wielded.


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