Friday 10 June 2016

WIP - Peninsular hills 3

 Back from another eye visit (short summary: looking good, swap out the contact lens for another, see me in 3 weeks), with time to drybrush the hills again.

Two more layers, progressively gentler each time. First layer, a sort of beigeish shade that B&Q's 'Colours' range calls 'Mary Jane' (really?) and I call 'beigeish'. 

Second, that staple of decorators everywhere, 'Warm Magnolia'.
I should note for all of these I've been using a 2", cheap and cheerful, decorator's brush - nothing fancy. Also, again, these were taken under fluorescent light so the colour isn't quite what it looks like to the camera. It is, however, starting to look like rocks and somewhat sun-dried earth, which is what I was aiming for.

Tomorrow, grass!


  1. You do realise that this blog post is going to be flagged by the vice squad thanks to those references to "Mary Jane" and "grass" ;)

    Coming along nicely Mike. Peace maaaaan! :)


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