Saturday 11 June 2016

WIP - Peninsular hills 4

Time for the grass. This owes quite a bit to a recent video by The Terrain Tutor on YouTube on how he flocks boards, although I'm using static grass rather than flock.

The key things to be aware of is that grass in the shade or where water pools will tend to be greener than the norm, and grass in shallow ground (for example where there's rock underneath) or where there's direct sun will fade a bit. In fact, it's very like three colour painting with static grass!

So let's go:

The board as it was after a base coat of Bitter Chocolate
and three successively lighter layers of drybrushing.

EvoStik PVA applied - note that I haven't painted the rocks, and
I have left several sparse or even bare spots.

The first layer - War Worlds 'Dead Gress' 2mm grass, and
a cheap and cheerful tea strainer. Applied to the top of the
hill, and around the top of the rocks.
I forgot to take a picture after this stage!

Next stage, War World "Winter Mix', pretty much everywhere
except under the edges of the rocks. Unfortunately, this isn't as
different a shade to the Dead Grass as I expected.
Next stage then - War World "Autumn Mix" applied in all
the little dark recesses under the rocks etc, and also over
the top of some of the 'Winter Mix' - as the PVA's still wet,
some of this will stick, and have a twofold effect. First off
it'll make those areas a bit greener, second it'll make them
a bit more lush, both of which are desirable.

Note that for the bits under the rocks, I applied it by rolling
pinches between my fingers, rather than the sieve.

Next stage - wait 10 mins, invert, tap off the loose stuff. As the
PVA's still wet, the colour won't look right yet, but you should
get the idea.
And here's one I prepared earlier...
Mostly dry now - stage the 5th and last will be to add some
clump foliage etc.

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