Monday 13 June 2016

Back from the painter

Two leaders and a priest
As my eyes aren't up to detail painting (let's be honest here, folks, my painting is a fair way short of Andy's on a good day!), I elected to get a Romano-British force for Dux Britanniarum painted by a friend of a friend so I have both sides for play testing.

Just got them back today - worth every penny.

Lord, champion and standard bearer
The leaders and elites are from the Saxon Miniatures Winter King set, and the rest are GB plastics from a mix of the Late Roman and Dark Ages sets (as is the standard bearer). Shield transfers and banner are LBM.

I didn't ask for them to be based, as I wanted there to be something of me in the figures.

The block of eight are the elites, the levy are bare-headed.

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  1. The Saxon Minis look really nice, Mike. Do you know how they compare size-wise with either Foundry or the Gripping Beast plastic Late Romans?

    Richard Crawley


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