Wednesday, 5 September 2012

For Sale - Blood Bowl 2nd Ed plus all the expansions

This lot is going on eBay tonight - readers of my blog get a sneak preview.

As mentioned before: way back when, I had a pretty decent collection of the 2nd ed Blood Bowl stuff, so here it is:

  • Blood Bowl 2nd Edition box set, with human + orc teams (on bases), playing field + all templates, dice, rulebooks.
  • Blood Bowl Companion - unpunched, all cards etc still in book
  • Blood Bowl Star Players - ditto
  • Dungeon Bowl, with boards, dwarf and elf teams on bases, all counters unpunched, but no box.

The Blood Bowl game itself has been played maybe half a dozen times, the rest has been little more than skimmed once or twice, and kept in the box since, so no fading on the books - as close to new as you can get without it still being in the shrink-wrap.

If you're interested, make me an offer to - but judging from the going rate on eBay for near-mint unpunched copies of the supplements, don't expect to get it for peanuts.

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  1. There was a time that I thoroughly enjoyed Bloodbowl - the only fantasy 'war' game with miniatures that ever interested me. I used to invent my own teams: A basic Orc team that began as the Kikkengouj Rovers, but later (at my wife's suggestion) became the Orcshire Rippers; a basic human team (the Shining Saracens); and a badguy team that I intended to have large monsters, the Niflheim Nightshade.

    The problem was, though, that [a] the rule set was published in an undeveloped state, and [b] the basic game got drastically changed. At that point, as local interest was dropping off anyway, I jacked it in, and eventually sold off my teams. I sometimes wonder whatever happened to them...


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