Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Conquest Games Normans

Just delivered to my desk by Krystoph at work - and there goes my free time between now and the end of September.

There's a bunch of Gripping Beast unarmoured archers[*] and another box of the Conquest knights and a dozen of their crossbowmen sitting at home: these are for my El Cid army for Tom/Scriv's day at Maelstrom in October.

The plan is (for the most part) Army Painter platemail spray (for the armoured figures), block out the non-armour bits, dip or ink wash, maybe brave a highlight in the original colour, and varnish.

[*] For those wondering why I bought the GB ones rather than the Conquest ones, they come in multiples of four, I need 8, and I was very tight on funds for August :D

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