Sunday, 2 September 2012


No, not the book by Kenneth Macksey. Or the one by Charles Grant.

The town.
The Abbey from the front.

After our trip around France (of which more later) we spent a couple of days in Rye, during which time we took a trip to Battle Abbey.

The stone commemorating the location of the
high altar, and thus the place where Harold is
believed to have fallen.
Again, I guess, if you're at all interested in military history, you've probably visited it. This was our first time, mind - despite being English Heritage members for the last two decades. I went wearing my "Guillaume Le Conquerant" t-shirt from Bayeux, which greatly amused the two younger chaps behind the counter, I have to say. I did resist quoting any Stanley Holloway at them - "Tha'd best get tha throne reup'olstered. I'll be wantin' t'use it next week."

There's a nice display including a short film, which does include some sample armour and weapons - dear Lord, but that shield was heavy. The major part of the visit, though, has to be a walk around the battlefield. From which you carry away, or at least I did, one overriding impression, namely, "by gum, I wouldn't fancy that slope in full armour!"

Admittedly, the slope has been landscaped since, and
this isn't the best shot, but you can see, I think, how far
above the camera the abbey now stands.


  1. I've been to the Battlefield several times and done the walk. It all seems rather sedate and easy at first then the path leads back up the slope towards the English lines...and then you realise how high the ridge is and how hard it would have been to charge up it on horses or on foot.

    1. No, exactly. Admittedly, I'm carrying about the weight of mail, shield and weapons in excess lard, but it's a bit of a slog!


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