Sunday, 6 October 2013

2nd platoon of Home Guard

Despite spending yesterday wearing shades (post optician visit) for the most part, I did manage to get caught up enough today to paint another platoon (and a Vickers team) of the lovely characterful Foundry Home Guard - these are from a mix of the figures with helmets and forage caps. They're not varnished yet, as it's dark and windy outside!

The vehicles are Lledo diecast (as was Corporal Jones' van from last time). Next up, I have a Lewis gunner, another platoon or two and a Great War Miniatures Leach trench catapult, and then I need to start assembling a GWM 13pdr gun and crew, and some Warlord BEF (which do pass very well for Home Guard).


  1. Again very nice figures there but I think the Warlords BEF will be a little larger than the foundry stuff

    1. Probably a smidge, yes, I'll mix them up, so it shouldn't be that bad.

  2. Very nice indeed . Have they been tested under fire yet?


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