Saturday, 19 October 2013

WW1's Tunnels of Death: The Big Dig

Ok - how did I fail to notice this was on????

A two part Channel 5 documentary that combines two of my favourite subjects - military history and archaeology. A very very big archaeological dig on a massive trench system in the vicinity of Messines, scene of some very heavy fighting in 1917 and the detonation of some massive mines.

Some of the finds are stunning - shells with time fuzes, incredible trench earthworks, stashes of German grenades....

Part 1 is available online here.
Part 2 is available online here.
(You probably have to be in the UK.)


  1. It was a cracking program. I remember visiting the Lochnagar crater a few years ago. Seeing the scale of it in real life just makes you wonder at the power that went into blowing those mines!

  2. Mike review the links I think there's something wrong

    1. That would be me trusting to be correct. :D Fixing.

    2. Unfortunetaley you were right, not allowed to foreigners to watch. Hopefully someone will post in YouTube at some later time

  3. It was a great programme and very interesting.


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