Wednesday, 16 October 2013

More Home Guard WIP

Painting a bit later than expected tonight due to a long power cut!

Here we have another batch of the lovely Foundry Home Guard, including Private 'We're all doomed, sir" Frazer and a Lewis gunner. In addition we have what we can only assume are three old Royal Artillery types (ex-colleagues of Sgt Wilson?), veterans of the First World War, with their Leach trench catapult (all made by Great War Miniatures). Usual routine - PSC English Khaki spray, Vallejo and Army Painter acrylics, AP Strong Tone ink, basing is PVA and a 50/50 mix of Javis Moorland Scatter and Woodland Scenics coarse grass flock.


  1. (In the style of Sgt. Wilson) "They're all rather lovely, hmm?"

  2. The Leach Catapult looks dangerous (but not to the enemy!).

    Can't wait to help you play with them!

  3. Very nice, I like these a lot.


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