Monday, 14 October 2013

Battle Report - 14 Oct 2013 - WAB

As you are probably aware, we're running a WAB tournament at the club next month (Nov 24): as usual, we're putting together a number of scenarios for the day, some of which need a good playtest for balance etc.

Tonight Carl and I tested out a rearguard action scenario, with AndyH umpiring: Carl took Italo-Normans, and I took Normans, having to defend with my rearguard until my main force showed up. With hindsight, I should have dropped one unit, and spent the points on heavy armour for the rest, since a couple of my units of knights proved somewhat fragile! Having said that, though, it was a close-run thing that started out very chaotic and surprisingly evolved into two battle lines by the middle of the session. Carl won by a short head on VPs by virtue of one of my fragile units containing my army standard bearer.

I'll withhold the details of the scenario, since I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise, but here's a few pictures - the guys with uniform colour schemes through each unit are generally mine.

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