Thursday, 11 April 2013

Salute Blogger Meetup

Via the inestimable Ray...

If you haven't found me hanging around the Lardies stand before then, there's going to be a Blogger Meet at the Big Red Dot at 1pm. I'll be in the usual mid-blue Peterborough Wargames Club polo or hoodie.


  1. Hug a hoodie! Seriously, that's a really good idea, it would be nice to meet with fellow folks from virtuality. Shame I can't be there anyway!

  2. Will be at Salute. Hope to see you all at the Big Red Dot at 1pm :-)

  3. I plan to be there, and will try to make it over.

  4. I'll try to ensure that I get a 'pass-out' from my demo game to head on over at 1.00!

  5. Hi guys, look forward to saying hello, and seeing what you've bought


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