Thursday, 18 April 2013

Book Review - "Panzer Tactics" by Wolfgang Schneider

...or, to give it its full title, Panzer Tactics: German Small-unit Armor Tactics in World War II.

I picked this up on spec, having spotted it in a random Amazon search (possibly even a 'people who bought this, also bought...' page) while indulging in my other vice, historical fiction. I seem to have lucked out here, as my copy was quite a bit cheaper than the current price.

Anyway - Schneider knows his stuff, being a German army colonel who' s devoted a good couple of decades to getting well stuck into the development and use of WW2 German armour, and this book is a translation of his original German. In many ways, this is the tank equivalent of Stephen Bull's "Second World War Infantry Tactics" which I reviewed a while back, in that it has lots of reproductions of period manuals and descriptions of tactics. Bull's text is probably generally slightly more readable and deeper in terms of a study of tactics, but Schneider's wins in the sheer number of awesome photographs from pretty much every theatre of the war, and of course, he's only covering German tactics.

Another book I'm still working my way through, but really enjoying. Lots of stuff I want to try and apply in wargames, once we eventually get to playing some IABSM with armour!


  1. Interesting. I will have to mark that one on my Amazon Wishlist.

  2. I bought this book several years ago and it's a very detail and to some extent dense compendium, excellent as background reading to play IABSM


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