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Battle Report - 08-Apr-2013 - Judge Dredd

First off - an apology. Much as I'd like to have done this battle report like the previous one, I missed out on a number of photos, and the ones I did take weren't really good enough to do a comic from. I'd also like to apologise for this being two weeks late!

.Judge Nicks on her
new Lawmaster, and
wally squad Judge
That said - round 2 of our club Judge Dredd campaign. First off, I got to fight Adrian's 'droids, in the 'winner is the person who kills the highest pointed character on the other side' scenario. I think this is best summed up with these two pictures and the following short explanation:

Adrian's droid with
rocket launcher with
extremely long range
Adrian got initiative.

Adrian rolled well.

I didn't.

On to the next....

The next? Same board, but vs. Dan's 'droids.

Well, except that Judge Nicks had copped some pretty serious damage and was out of the game for the next two scenarios, so I had to recruit a new rookie Psi Judge (Judge Regan) and also (handily) Chief Judge Hershey and a Cadet Judge as a mercenary, as Dan's force had loads and loads of points.

So, we hide here...
Given the rather open and cover-free nature of the board, this turned into a real knock down, drag out fight: Judge Germanotta and the Cadet Judge didn't last long enough for the latter to get a name, and the whole thing turned into a firefight between the only two major areas of cover. After about half an hour it boiled down to Judge Hershey against Dan's serious (8 hits, lots of armour) 'droid, which decided it was getting fed up of being shot to bits (and having its weapon shot away) and moved in to close combat.

...and the 'droids hide there.
I spent a couple of rounds dodging, before I actually looked properly at ALL of Judge Hershey's sheet and spotted the 15 hits and the ability to shoot while in melée...

Game 2 to me, then :D

On the downside, I blew Judge Turner's survival roll. She was about to acquire the Loyal Follower skill, which would have made Hershey a permanent member of the team. Guess I'll have to wait for that, then!

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