Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Maunsfield Gaming closes

For those not following, Maunsfield Gaming is (to the best of my understanding) the entity that manages the shop and events venue (formerly known as Eye of the Storm) at what was Maelstrom Games.

Saddened? Yes. The on the ground folks at Eye of the Storm didn't deserve this, and it was a great venue. Surprised? Sadly, no.

And I quote (via Scrivs):
Hi there
I'm sorry to have to say this, but Maunsfeld Gaming is now closed for the foreseeable future, including tonight.
Maunsfeld Gaming is going into liquidation shortly; the company is not insolvent - there's enough assets to cover any debts - but the longer it carries on, the more debts will accumulate and it will achieve critical mass at some point. With the attendance falling, organisers cancelling events, terrain being stolen, staff leaving, not being able to stock Games Workshop products in the store and the quite breathtaking and totally unjustified vitriol on the internet from some quarters, it seems the venue is no longer wanted by most.
I know this is a major disappointment for those of you that still attend but I have no alternative but to call an end to it.
Someone may take the assets over and start it up again as a new business, or perhaps one of you wishes to do so, or maybe a consortium of you; if that is the case, please speak to the Insolvency Practitioner involved - Chris Brown of Hart Shaw at chris.brown@hartshaw.co.uk - and you can discuss that with him.
Note that I've been trying to sell it - even give it away - since January, as I realised fairly quickly that the venue was going nowhere with me in charge, but nobody's particularly bothered about taking it on and I'm just throwing money away by keeping it going.
I hope you all understand why this has happened and that it's not what I or our staff wanted. I wanted to sell the company, perhaps even the assets alone, so that someone can keep it going, but nobody seems to want to take it on, so that's that.
May I take this opportunity to thank all of you that have attended the club nights at the mill over the past few years; you have been superb and I hope you have all enjoyed the facilities we put so much effort and time (and money) in to provide.
Thank you.
Pre-Paid Attendance
If any of you believe you are owed monies for the pre-payment of club night attendance, please reply to this message and you will be refunded in due course.
Rob Lane
Managing Director
Maunsfeld Gaming Ltd


  1. Not wanting to restart the old debate, I still react badly on the line "not being able to stock Games Workshop products in the store and the quite breathtaking and totally unjustified vitriol on the internet from some quarters".

    Sorry Rob, you made the bed and now you lie in it. Deliberate or not, you can't stiff people on their money and think they will forget it. You are not the victim here.

    I feel sorry for the staff though.

    1. *sad smile*

      I sat on my hands quite a lot writing that post.

  2. Is this the first and only time that Trouble At T'Mill is announcing trouble at the mill?


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