Sunday, 28 April 2013

Kickstarter Watch: Mantic's Deadzone

Mantic do rather seem to have got this Kickstarter thing sussed, don't they?

The rather effective Twitter teaser (as well as a presence at Salute) has lead to a Kickstarter for their Deadzone game. Set in the Warpath universe (which I have to admit, I find many orders of magnitude less depressing than the 40K 'verse), it follows the recent trend for skirmish games. It also follows the classic SciFi trope[1], the nasty alien that replicates by transforming or impregnating humans, as beloved of Alien, Space Hulk, Sedition Wars: The Battle For Alabaster...

...not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but it does seem to have cropped up more than once in gaming recently!

The game looks interesting - 2'x2' board, 3D scenery (Mantic are making sprues of SciFi looking buildings) and a range of (currently) 4 factions, and the usual (no doubt) selection of stretch goals.

It hit target in 34 minutes, and is currently at getting on for 5x that in two days. is currently projecting insane 7-figure results, but I suspect that its model goes a bit non-linear and wibbles a lot at this end of the Kickstarter range.

Which really just leaves me (having pledged) with one question:

Can Mantic afford a credit card machine for Salute 2014 now?

[1] WARNING! This is a link to the fabulous I will not be responsible for the amount of time you lose on there following links[2], reading pages and laughing!

[2] WARNING! This is a link to the equally fabulous Same warning applies!


  1. Being fair, Kicktraq is only showing the trend (linear extrapolation), not the projection (range expected final value) - they'll probably have enough data for that in another few days.

    The scenery looks very nifty. Pity I'd have to buy the rest of the game to get it.

  2. My God!! Can't beleive this. This is becoming a sort of a financial bubble


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